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Santa Dog Chases Turkey

Polished Turkey and Dog run cycles.  Made extensive use of bhGhost to track motion arcs of dog and hat.  Flopping ears proved to be a real challenge.  12fps export to quicktime results in a slight jerkiness and less machine-like perfection, … Continue reading

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Rough Timing on Chef and Turkey

Used Maya HumanIK for Turkey.  Rig limitations definitely made posing a challenge, but the awkwardness seems to be in character for a spastic headless bird!

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Fire cycle

This cycle is part of an animated torch logo.  I credit the masterful work of John Halas & Harold Whitaker, whose drawings I referred to in creating this piece.

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crow walk

a bouncy shuffle walk based on R. Williams’ subtle skip walk

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Stars ‘n Stripes Hildy

I created this piece for a friend who is running for Congress in 2012. I modeled, mapped, rigged and animated the character with Maya.  My old version has some serious bugs with animImport, but I discovered a great freeware mel … Continue reading

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flight cycle test

Searching for a middle ground here, i.e. punching up the accents without overdoing it. Final character look and feel will be painterly–which should loosen things up some more.

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